Buying Guides

Buying guides are product-centric by definition. They’re versatile and allow you to feature products you like as well as showcase brand partnerships. Both timely and timeless, buying guides can be updated on a regular basis to ensure the links are up to date and the products are on trend, while continuing to make the most of that expertly set up SEO.

Deals & Sales

Everybody loves a good deal. Create a dedicated deals section on your site, or post weekly roundups; feature the best deals corners on the web or create timely selections for specific holidays - no matter the format you choose, a good deal is a good deal and your readers are sure to love it.

Get the Look

The appeal of celebrities is unmistakable. Whether it’s interior design or fashion, the celebrity lifestyle makes for great content inspiration. Source the exact products celebrities wore on their day out or feature a series of similar (perhaps cheaper) products - for content that’s bound to be a hit with readers.

Gift Guides

Buying gifts can be notoriously difficult and readers are always looking for inspiration. Whether themed around a particular personality, time of year, or specific hobbies, there are many different ways to approach a gift guide, making it a fun piece of content for both content creators and readers alike.

Image Galleries

A picture is worth a thousand words for a reason! Pictures are the perfect way to inspire readers - it’s no wonder image galleries are one of the preferred means to showcase products. With a consistent theme and selection of stylish products, the artistry will blow your readers away.

Product Reviews

A vast majority of consumers turn to the web for research on upcoming purchases - especially the heftier ones. For that reason, product reviews are highly sought after and present a perfect opportunity for content creators to compare products and influence readers’ decisions.

Sales Announcements

Sales are amazing sources of content - people like to buy things at a discount and are always on the hunt for the next top deal.

Top 10s & Listicles

Purchase decisions are rarely made lightly. Whether it's a themed Top 10 (e.g. Best gifts for Mother's Day) or a list of tips featuring different products (e.g. How to Boost your Social Media Profile), listed content helps funnel reader's research in the right direction and makes purchases that much easier.

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